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The Jones Journal
Ron, Ella, Makenna, Kyla, Wyatt, Arianne

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

catching up!

Makenna turned 8! I can't believe I'm a mother of an 8 year old, where did the time go?!! We were so excited to have Ron's parents as well as my parents here for Makenna's baptism! We were lucky to have Ron here since he was called a week before the bapsism and told that he was going to be deployed the next day! Luckily his deployment was delayed and he was put on standby. We were told last friday that it has been canceled!

Ella and I went with Kyla's kindergarten class to the local pizza place. She got to make her own pizza!

Wyatt climbed to the top of the snow hill in the middle of our cul de sac. It's amazing how tall it gets each winter!

We've had a lot of fun watching each of the kids play indoor soccer.
We saw these bald eagles on the way home from one of the kids' soccer games.

These are Wyatt's favorite pajamas. He wants to wear them all day everyday! They are the "speediest, most fastest jamies ever". One of his favorite things to do is to run and slide across the wood floor while wearing them.
One of Ella's favorite things is to get into my drawers in the bathroom looking for "lips" (chapstick).
Makenna just loves ice skating! She and Kyla really enjoy thier lessons while Wyatt has decided to take a break.

we took the kids dog sledding again this year, we couldn't keep them away from the dogs!
We took the kids to downtown Anchorage to see the ice sculptures. They loved playing in the ice maze and sliding on the ice rink (they didn't have ice skates).


Kimberli said...

Great to see what you've been up to! I can't believe how grown-up EVERYONE looks! Does Kyla have a shorter haircut? And I can't believe how much hair Ella has! Well, yes I can. It runs in your family. :)

Congratulations to Makenna! And I'm glad Ron was able to be there... what a scare!

Miss you guys!

Christy said...

Wow! What a great (and chilly) recap. Makenna looked beautiful for her baptism. I wish we were there to watch. Ella is so big. I can't believe how long its been since I've seen you all. Wyatt and Kyla look older too. I love the ice-skating/snow climbing/dog sledding Alaskan adventures you are having. Miss you.

The Clark Family said...

Can't believe Makenna is 8! We're sad we weren't able to come and support her in her baptism. Living in AK looks cold. Yet, Josh still wants to live there!

Kao said...

So fun to see the family update! Lucky Ron's deployment got cancelled!! LOVE Kyla's shorter hair. Congrats to Makenna on her baptism! They all look so grown up.

Miss you guys!

Familia Fowler said...

Congratulations to Makenna! The kids all look so big! I am glad that you posted photos.

Mary Kay said...

Great to see updates, Arianne! Your family is beautiful. I can't believe MaKenna is 8 either. Time goes way too fast. I'm a tad jealous of the dog sledding--how fun! Ella is a doll!

junk said...

Fun to see your update. Congratulations to Makenna, we are really proud of you and grateful that you are setting such a great example for your cousins. It is so foreign to us Las Vegans to see all that SNOW...glad you're making the best of it!

Lindi said...

that was aunt lindi and uncle nathan for junk

Kevin and Kristen said...

Glad to see the family update and all of the fun things you have been doing! Congratulations to Makenna on her baptism; everyone looks sooooo grown up.